An authoritative voice since more than a century

To transmit the vlues of ancient art to modern generations


The rentless pursuit of beauty, the quality of row material, the passion and the complete dedication of the owners and master craftsmen, Giuseppe and Marcello Di Giacomo, completely express the spirit and the ancient vigor of a company that still continue to aim to its growing up and its perfection.


To develop sculpture projects are used higl level materials like bronze, brass, silver and gold, that are forged by the skillfully and from the creative value of the century experienceg that has the Giuseppe Di Giacomo ancient foundry.


The maniacal research of perfection the careful attention on details the deep study and knowledge of the matter, allows the Giuseppe Di Giacomo ancient foundry to realize artwork that that meet each customer.

Roots of our success

The deep and cultural roots that hides behind every product and the full respect of the ancient processing methods, signs unequivocally the excellence of a school that has conserved in time the ancient teaching of arts fathers and masters.

Do you give life to your works?

The fluidity of forms and the contrasts generated by colors of coatings make subjects unique and unrepeatable. Every job is never equal to another and goes more stimulant think to leave to future generation a so unlimited richness that will bring in time our present.

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