Artist, harmony and territory

Fontana della sirena

Artist, harmony and territory

Mermaid Spring

Artist and territory. Sculptures that liven up urban spaces

Artist is creator of beauty as much as an architect of its own territory. With art he feeds with concrete substance his imagination. Meanwhile, the ethos of which he’s a messenger animates the core vision he has in mind; he creates images






The survey is developed around the harmonious relationship that dominates the the artist’s work of art and the public space. The main connection between art and mythological tale is just one of the aspects taken into account by Di Giacomo Art Foundry.
Even The artistic relevance becomes a prominent role in urban redevelopment, giving new life to urban spaces, turned in aesthetic and cultural stages.


Di Giacomo Foundry has been working with some of the greatest artists on the international scene, including the great artist Mimmo Paladino. This deep bound of relationship was built through the years and has strenghtened this artistic partnership along the way.
Mimmo Paladino is the artist of the third century, and he’s author of the equestrian sculpture, preserved in Te Palace in Mantua.

This famous piece of art is a powerful symbol that pays homage to our handcrafted technique of chiseling. It’s also thank to the wisdom and mastery of the art foundry, that this majestic piece of work has been exhibited in the Gonzaga’s Horse Hall.
Fire, water and air are the elements that intersect to return these kind of pieces. Works which reshape the aesthetic of both public and private spaces.

The fountain of the siren of the national train station in Naples is another masterpiece praising the supremacy of art in a troubled area. It isn’t just an attraction for the traveler, but it’s a metaphor for the city itself. The famous legend of the foundation of Partenope was inspired by the profound relationship between Naples and the sea.

The beauty and harmony of this figure, half woman half fish, is interpreted in an exemplary way; her movement seems to emerge from the abyss to catch the eye of the visitor, as in an open-air museum.

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