Artistic bronze forge and forge of ideas

100 anni DG

Artistic bronze forge and forge of ideas

If we had not searched and searched constantly for new ways to use techniques of ancient manufacture, today we would only be older and not more expert.

But already, from the beginning, our foundry was born to support the new ideas of our founder Giuseppe Di Giacomo.

Since then we have never stopped and the experience has led us to perform works of some of the greatest artists.

Artistic bronze forge


and forge of ideas

100 years DG

One of the innovations introduced in the field of artistic foundry is the use of silicone to produce static casts which will subsequently be reproduced identically.

Silicone casting and reproduction of statues are done, of course, completely by hand.

The technique is to cover the statue that you want to copy with an elastic silicone layer by obtaining a perfectly identical sculpture.

The silicone mold thus obtained will be used to obtain other plaster or wax castings, so as to allow the forging of lost wax.

This technique can also be used to forge ex-novo statues incorporating an ensamble of identical pieces.

It is possible to forge the various pieces of the statue, replicating similar or identical ones with the help of silicone mold.

Over the years, the reveling techniques have also had an extraordinary evolution. In fact, chiselling has been improved over time for two orders of reason: artistic and technical. If initially it was a mere finishing work, it is now the real completion of the work.

Our foundry has developed different techniques of chiselling, for example, if the statue that is being produced will be skinned or gilded, chisel work can not be limited to retouching. It will be necessary to chisel the statue with shades and features so as to highlight the skating or the gilding of the statue.

Our mind works continuously to develop better techniques and arrangements.

Ancient Foundry Di Giacomo, we look for the best for you from over a century.

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