100 anni DG

Artistic bronze forge and forge of ideas

If we had not searched and searched constantly for new ways to use techniques of ancient manufacture, today we would only be older and not more expert. But already, from the beginning, our foundry was born to support the new ideas of our founder Giuseppe Di...

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Sformatura e cesellatura

Lost wax molding and chiselling

With this article, we conclude our excursus on the old technique of lost wax casting. Last steps to get our bronze statue are almost the most difficult. Lost wax molding   and chiselling The first step to take is the shaping, which consists in the elimination of the hood...

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Lost wax sketch and soul

We propose a series of articles that will talk about one of the oldest techniques of bronze sculpture, lost wax casting   LOST WAX SKETCH AND SOUL   The first step to accomplishing a work through wax-blown fusion has always been to make a sketch, a small scale model,...

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Biga Romana. Autore sconosciuto, Bronzo misure in cm 74x34 altezza cm 47, patina verde scuro

Roman Biga

The term Roman Biga (from the Latin bis-iuga) or "two chariots" designates an ancient wagon pulled by two horses From the Latin bis-iuga or "two chariots", Biga designates a two-horse chariot. The Biga's structure was mostly in wood, with the aim of providing greater speed for...

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Statua di San Michele

Bronze artwork in the art

Bronze artwork is strongly influenced by the molded material. It seems appropriate to mention the historical moment in which the artwork was conceived. Bronze artwork sees a major re-evaluation during Renaissance. The explosive power of this new cultural horizon has influenced artistic work, manifesting itself especially in the visual arts....

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Alessandro Magno, medaglione. Autore Vincenzo Gemito(1920),Bronzo  misura diametro cm 35, patina bronzo brunito_1

Ancient bronze coins

Ancient bronze coins: a hallmark of classical antiquity   Ancient bronze coins and medallions appear to look alike, but they had different purposes of use. Although ancient bronze coins were commemorative objects, just like the medallions. The origin of heavy coins, though, does not respond to the needs of trade,...

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Fontana della sirena

Artist, harmony and territory

Artist and territory. Sculptures that liven up urban spaces Artist is creator of beauty as much as an architect of its own territory. With art he feeds with concrete substance his imagination. Meanwhile, the ethos of which he's a messenger animates the core vision he has in mind; he...

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Ercole e Ippolita. Autore Avolio(1900) Bronzo misure in cm 30x35 altezza cm 57. Patina bronzo naturale_1

Artistic foundry: we tell the art

What value has the secular wisdom of an artistic foundry? Impossible to quantify, but we will try to respond Indeed, there is a very deep relationship between the artistic foundry, the artist and the realized piece. Inspiration derived from art and big mythological narratives fully merges in the...

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Art Foundry between past and present

The work of an art foundry is above all a team effort, a job in which skilled craftsmen put into practice an unchanged technical culture: that of the fusion to lost wax bronze, whose tradition dates back to the fourth century. C. In fact, although they...

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Artistic Foundry is knowledge

"Display knowledge for zero pavilion", this was asked to Paladino by Expo organizers in Milan, a feat far from easy, a real challenge. In a world where everything is defined knowledge, but true knowledge still has its characteristics of humility and human depth, typical of the...

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