About Us
Ancient Artistic Di Giacomo’s foundry

Ancient Giuseppe Di Giacomo’s foundry represents, from over a century, an authoritative voice of a universal message to transmit the values of ancient arts to modern generations.

The chose to let relive by bronze, aluminum, brass, silver and gold the spirit that animate projects of model and pictures, even on client request, is born from deeply rooted cultural and historical values say what is the importance of the company’s production, a company that is still now one of the most appreciated artisan reality in the world.

The capacity to satisfy requests of every artists and even of the priest and of cultural institutions, let us work with the best art reality of the world, creating unique works that increase the value of cultural identity and trace the continuity line with the artistic Italian excellence.

The profound cultural root inside any product and the full respect of the ancient work proceedings signs, unequivocally, the excellence of a tradition that conserved time after time of art’s fathers and masters, establishing itself in a more and more demanding market and exporting made in Italy around the world.

Never stop searching of raw material and the total dedication of chiefs and artisan masters, Giuseppe and Marcello Di Giacomo, expresses completely the vigor of a company that continues to aim high, continues to grow up and aims to the perfection of his handwork.

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