Lost wax sketch and soul

Lost wax sketch and soul

cera persa bozzetto e anima

We propose a series of articles that will talk about one of the oldest techniques of bronze sculpture, lost wax casting




The first step to accomplishing a work through wax-blown fusion has always been to make a sketch, a small scale model, of the work you want to accomplish. We of the Artistic Foundry of Giacomo, also make this sketch, in case the author also provides only a drawing or just a small sculpture.

Made the scale sketch we model the so-called “soul“.
The soul is a sculpture in real size usually made in clay.
This is usually done with armor and in general it turns out to be full to avoid crevices.
Our artistic foundry has introduced some innovations, in fact, it realizes this first negative or calco using synthetic resins instead of clay, these can be molded much better and make the shoe very faithful to the idea proposed by the artist.
Then the “soul” is cooked and the process slightly reduces the size of this negative.
This size reduction may seem like a problem, but it is actually a providential event to continue the technique and the realization of the work.
After cooking, in fact, a layer of wax on the “soul” is molded, layer that realize a negative again of the desired size.
This wax will occur, as we will see in next article, to form an interspace that will allow the bronze to form the desired sculpture.
Ancient Foundry Di Giacomo …. the story continues.







In this first article we will talk in particular of

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