Processes and techniques

Process starts with a wax or plaster model, made by the artisans of the Ancient Giuseppe Di Giacomo’s foundry or directly by the artist.

This model is filled with an elastic model reproducing perfectly the artwork . It will be obtained a silicone
cast, that will be filled with liquid wax. After wax solidifying, the new model is set free from silicone.

This wax model is then covered with special plaster and putted in the oven to let the wax disappear (lost wax). It is attained a plaster negative cast where fuse bronze is putted. Solidified the bronze, plaster will be removed with all his residues.


The Ancient Artistic Foundry Giuseppe Di Giacomo performs the following services:


Our expert artisans can magnify or reduce, even in wax or plaster, the model created by the artist. The process is done carefully and completely handmade.

Silicone stamps

Sculpture reproductions can even be realized with silicone casts. Also this process is completely handmade.
This procedure consents to reproduce many times the same model even in wax or plaster.

Wax reproductions

The silicone cast consents to reproduce a wax model that will be controlled by our artisans and by the artist to attain the best result. Wax reproduction will be used to attain the bronze sculpture.

Bronze fusion

Metal artworks are realized by the ancient lost wax procedure, that allows together small (few centimeters) and big statue production , satisfying in this way every artist need.


From century ago, chasing masters free their fantasy and their creativity. A generational art, with who any decoration comes alive.


Last phase is coating where acids on fire define the wanted refining. A very ancient process intended to very great ability experts.

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