Ancient Giuseppe Di Giacomo’s foundry represents, from
over a century, an authoritative voice of a universal message to transmit the values of ancient arts to modern generations.

The chose to let relive by bronze, aluminum, brass, silver
and gold the spirit that animate projects of model and pictures, even on client request, is born from deeply rooted cultural and historical values say what is the importance of the company’s production, a company that is still now one of the most appreciated artisan reality in the world.

The capacity to satisfy requests of every artists and even
of the priest and of cultural institutions, let us work with the best art reality of the world, creating unique works that increase the value of cultural identity and trace the continuity line with the artistic Italian excellence.

The profound cultural root inside any product and the full
respect of the ancient work proceedings signs, unequivocally, the excellence of a tradition that conserved time after time of art’s fathers and masters, establishing itself in a more and more demanding market and exporting made in Italy around the world.

Never stop searching of raw material and the total
dedication of chiefs and artisan masters, Giuseppe and Marcello Di Giacomo, expresses completely the vigor of a company that continues to aim high, continues to grow up and aims to the perfection of his handwork.

The deep and cultural roots that hides behind every product and the full respect of the ancient processing methods, signs unequivocally the excellence of a school that has conserved in time the ancient teaching of arts fathers and masters.

These are the fundamental principles that have allowed us to establish a relationship of deep knowledge with Maestro Mimmo Paladino that continues to strengthen and consolidate over time. “La Conoscenza” is a work that we had the pleasure of making in bronze for the great Master on the occasion of the Milan Expo in 2015.


Ancient Giuseppe Di Giacomo’s foundry was born by the courageous intuition of the founder Giuseppe that, before first world war, decided to improve his long experience gained in the workshop where he worked first as assistant and after substituting his father.
Differences of opinions on the job with the chief where increased.
Faithful to the teachings of his father and mindful in confront of innovation , Giuseppe decided to do the great step.
Where difficult years, because He left the certain to bring something to eat at home, so he had to face many discontent, but remained faithful to his idea that art can’t compromise.
Often he repeated: “we will eat the ecstatically expressions of who observes our artwork.”
The old friendship consolidated year by year with Vincenzo Gemito, surely let became his certainties.

His certainties strengthened when artists started to say that Di Giacomo did perfect sculptures.

This perfection was maintained by fallowing generations on both unique and multiple artwork.

When Vittorio was the Chief came in the foundry a young artist that asked to him to produce a multiple sculpture 2 meter tall. Vittorio was dumbfounded for a while because never where created in his foundary sculptures as the young artist requested.

Didn’t knowing him answered yes to know what the young man wonted to achieve.

The young artist was the master Mimmo Paladino that then bounded his name to the Ancient Giuseppe Di Giacomo’s foundry for many of his sculptures.



“La Conoscenza” bronze work in bronze for the great Maestro Mimmo Paladino, on the occasion of the Milan Expo in 2015.


The rentless pursuit of beauty, the quality of row material, the passion and the complete dedication of the owners and master craftsmen, Giuseppe and Marcello Di Giacomo, completely express the spirit and the ancient vigor of a company that still continue to aim to its growing up and its perfection.


To develop sculpture projects are used higl level materials like bronze, brass, silver and gold, that are forged by the skillfully and from the creative value of the century experienceg that has the Giuseppe Di Giacomo ancient foundry.


The maniacal research of perfection the careful attention on details the deep study and knowledge of the matter, allows the Giuseppe Di Giacomo ancient foundry to realize artwork that that meet each customer.

The fluidity of forms and the contrasts generated by colors of coatings make subjects unique and unrepeatable. Every job is never equal to another and goes more stimulant think to leave to future generation a so unlimited richness that will bring in time our present.

The Ancient Artistic Foundry Di Giacomo

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The Ancient artistic Giuseppe Di Giacomo’s foundry occupies to transform the artworks of sculptor, artists and architects in metal from a received model. Furthermore offers his services to all art lovers that desires to see realized in metal a proper idea, a proper sketch or a photo.

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