Giuseppe Di Giacomo ancient foundry deals to transforms every sculptor or artist creation in a metal statue.
Furthermore offers his services to all the art lovers that want to see realized in metal their idea rather than their picture.
Much used metals are bronze and aluminum, on request: brass silver and gold.
Metal sculpture are realized using the ancient lost wax method.

Bronze fusion using lost wax method cha easily explained by its essential work steps.
The artists creates a model from who will be produced a perfect copy wax model by using a cast.
The attained wax is coated with refractory material that must fit snugly and that must conserve the negative print of the original. After wax and refractory material will be brought to the vaporization wax temperature to lost the last one (that’s why lost wax method). Molten metal is poured in the cavities produced by lost wax. Now the bronze sculpture is ready to be free from refractory material, so will be refined and coated. Below we explain the fusion process adopted in our foundry. The description proceeds by the essential work phases in a natural succession summarized as follows:


The artist realize the model using his preferred method, gained through experience in more congenial matter, free from every problem that regarding future works on bronze. This is very important because, with normal fusion processes, many model materials can’t be used. By this way it’s sure that the bronze opera will identically to the model, respecting the artist original idea.


To attain a wax model identically to the original, we use a negative cast on the model that the artist give to us. It’s used a special resin that can be formed even on very delicate materials, like tender plasticine or fresh clay. This gives to the artist the maximum freedom in realizing his model. The synthetic resin gave an high jump on this phase of work. Animal gelatins and plaster casts, tipical on traditional foundry, don’t allow to attain a perfectly identical copy of the model, in many cases. Using animal gelatins and plaster casts many times decrease the fidelity of the wax model.


From the cast we obtain a wax that is a perfect copy of the model. easy malleability of the wax allows the author to touch up the form to correct eventually little imperfections.Ifare wanted many operas we need to provide a wax for any model.


The coated wax is put in the oven at high temperature to create a thermal shock. The refractory will be cooked in short time and the wax disappear (lost wax) obtaining the negative of the model, in who will be cast the fuse bronze.


Metal get cold, then is released if remains impurities of refractory those will be eliminated, not with common sandblasting but with a “sandblasting” that use little balls. This procedure will perfectly clean the surface of the sculpture.


After mold release we go finishing and chiseling bronze. Today we have eliminated a great number of casting, but mostly we have eliminated almost totally of vents. Sculptors knows how much reconstruction work is needed for this problems, problems that we have almost totally eliminated.


To give to the sculpture the aspect desired from the artist we do some oxidation and thermal treatments This is a really delicate phase, where a great experience is needed, and changes depending on the chemical product used attaining different shades of bronze. The obtained sculpture is then propose to the artist to be approved, if he will he sign it and put there an ID number.

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The Ancient artistic Giuseppe Di Giacomo’s foundry occupies to transform the artworks of sculptor, artists and architects in metal from a received model. Furthermore offers his services to all art lovers that desires to see realized in metal a proper idea, a proper sketch or a photo.

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